Saturday, April 7, 2018

jiwa kacau...

been awhile since the last ride. miss riding time so much. insyaallah will hit the road again sooner or later. how can we ignore thing we love to do since our childhood...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

20150815 no pictures entry... cameron

have not ride much lately... no kaki. start the engine and hit the road. headed to nowhere. stop for breaks a few times before end up sleeping at petronas raub. met a few bikers headed to cameron. decided to join them. changed my mind. i was thinking sleeping selesa or janda baik before met them.
so we rode together. so long since the last time layan kona here in koyan. we split up at bharat tea. compulsory for me to have scones and masala tea before end up in the hotel.
i am staying somewhere in brinchang. easy to eat i guess compare to tanah rata and ringlet or habu. everything is walking distance in brinchang i guess. 
left cameron after breakfast. i took a different route. from koyan i took the route to benta. forgot about this road. it was my second time i guess using this road. sharp corners. took longer than i thought. gotta use gps to avoid lost. from benta i rode to damak and jerantut. road getting better from damak to temerloh. arrived home about 2pm. good weekend riding when you wanna clear your mind. need new tires for next trip. badly worn out especially my front. no bad actually riding alone. more flexibility. nothing to worry. only safety issues. just on your own pace. will do it alone again.

Friday, July 24, 2015

20150713 ridingking anual dinner cum berbuka puasa

it is so hard to get us together. even for a drink. always not enough member available. this time we keep proceed with the event even we do not have zek, mpc and anje around. they already booked. hahhaha we have chosen mgcc since we want a bit privacy and can hang out longer.

we arrived around 630pm at mgcc and sarosss until break the fast.

lepak until the restaurant closed until we moved to 3 under for the moreh sessions.

we have a great time that evening. apok drive all the way from kl just to get together with king. thanks all the lovely evening. special thanks to dato zul for belanja us. may Allah bless dato zul and king.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

20150321 with jetking to melaka

after indochina, we kinda cooling off with the ride. dato b sold his bike, never get a new one until now. me, depending on the mood. sometimes hit the road alone, sometimes running the engine to the office in chukai, back to kuala terengganu to see my mom and so forth.

if  i am free, anyone ask me to join them most of the time i will follow. the funny thing is even to the wedding reception. my friends will laugh at me if they know i did. hahahhhaah and its happen. i joined kmx to melaka for wedding reception in kg hang tuan if i am not mistaken..
i joined this group a few times before and know a little bit about their riding style. for sure i will back home late at nite hahahhaha you have to be patience enough riding with kmx. its a relaxing ride. no rush. even when they say on the bike still take an hour to hit the road hahahhaha. but its okay with me.
at least i went to a new place. never been here before. its like historical park for hang tuah and the gang. some people says its a mitos. but i dont care. history is history you know.

at the reception...

at the monument. you can see hang tuah, hang lekir, hang lekiu, hang jebat, and hang kasturi. i will bring my family here someday. at least i can show what is melaka history all about.

hang tuah masjid..
hang tuah normally took ablution here..
well maintained masjid inside and outside.

on the way back we stopped at restaurant warisan seri menanti. i recommend them to stop here. good food. mix of thai and minang.
like i mentioned earlier.. arrived home late at night. hahhha kmx gang stop again in chukai for a drink hahahha. thanks kmx for an enjoyable ride.